Where I Struggle the Most

My Mind…

The devil consistently regurgitates past experiences in hopes of either luring me back or to just turn away even for a moment from my Savior’s face. It is at those times I lean more firmly on the Savior from whom I obtain strength to resist. Praise God!

My Pride…

I am fully aware this was the stone that started the downward spiral. The Devil knew exactly where to lodge the best offense and I listened. God has effectively been working on my pride. Even from sources other that the Bible. The book “Humility: True Greatness” by C.J. Mahaney was only the jumping off point. Pride centers around “I” and what “I” can do. God is in no need of an “I” in his work. He only needs willing vessels who realize that he does not necessarily need them, but has chosen to use them. If only to give glory and praise to him once he has worked.

Grace and peace, James

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