Yes! Transformation is possible!

But are you sure? I mean… I’ve heard that it’s possible, and some people have told me that they have changed. They once were something, and now they are different.

Yes, change is possible. Not partial, or pieces of change, but complete and whole change. Now this change comes at a cost. It’s not available for the part you want to be reformed, but for your entire being. Body, soul, and spirit will change. A cost some are not willing to be transformed.

Let alone those around you will see the change you are going through. Some will not understand and will ridicule or even be hateful towards you. Complete transformation is possible, but you must count the price of placing your entire body, soul, and spirit into the hands of the Creator to whom you have offended. Are you sure you want this transformation?

I do, but it sounds scary and I’m afraid of what you speak. Placing my complete life… my body, soul, and spirit into the hands of Someone I have offended doesn’t sound safe. No matter how much I want the change. Will he not repsond with painful intentions or even death? I want change, not to leave this world right now.

Oh no, my Friend. The Creator will only respond in love and truth. His only prerequisite is to trust him in the process. He’s done this so many other times that he is above professional. More like a Master at what you are asking him to do. His list of credentials are long and valid. He will lovingly guide you while walking along side you through the process. To reiterate he is not foreign to this process. He is a Master at transformation. His list of those he has brought to himself is greater than any book or complete works of mere mortals. It was he and his love that transformed myself into whom I am now. A child of the One, True King.

Will you allow him to make you Transformed?

“Transformation: A Former Transgender Responds to LGBTQ” by Linda A. Seiler, PHD

Grace and peace, James

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