Terms and Conditions

By completing this Overcoming Walls new user registration, you agree to the following:

Use of the Overcoming Walls Management System and any other related service is restricted to invited, paying clients only.

All 1-on-1 and group clients are required to pay an agreed upon retainer fee in advance based on the date of the client’s first payment.

All 1-on-1 and group clients are required to pay for needed books/materials (if applicable) in advance of first scheduled session.

All 1-on-1 clients are required to give 30 days advance notice in writing before canceling. Any recurring fees due during that time are expected to be paid in full unless otherwise agreed upon by you and your Coach/Mentor.

We do not refund retainer fees to clients for sessions they miss due to their own fault, absence or lack of scheduling or availability unless agreed upon in advance. You pay in full for sessions whether you show up or not.

We do not refund for purchase of books/materials, if applicable.

All Overcoming Walls clients are required to set up and pay their recurring fees using the secure payment web page provided you. We accept most major debit and credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  You can also use your e-check capability where your fee is debited directly from your bank checking account.

It is the client’s responsibility to schedule, cancel and/or reschedule 1-on-1 sessions in advance, according to availability and appointment scheduling rules, except in the case of an emergency or as unless otherwise agreed upon in advance by you and your Coach/Mentor.

1-on-1 sessions can be conducted face-to-face, in person, by phone, by video conferencing, or any combination of the aforementioned.

Certified Overcoming Walls Staff are trained professional Coaches/Mentors, but most likely not a state licensed and certified counselor, therapist, psychiatrist, or other licensed medical professional. So, while he/she generally tries to adhere to a similar code of ethics and conduct, he/she is not governed by those state licensing authorities, rules or regulations.

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you are agreeing to hold harmless your Coach/Mentor assigned to you and their related business or ministry or anyone else directly or indirectly involved in the delivery of their services.

You are agreeing to release the parties mentioned above from any liability related to any advice or guidance given, directly or indirectly, including their reference to or use of books, courses, curriculum, videos and/or other resources authored by them or others, and from potential or actual outcomes, including separation, divorce, suicide, financial loss, or any criminal activity that might have occurred before, during, or after you sought out our services and guidance.

1) Please be aware that as helping professionals, we are required to adhere to any applicable federal, state and/or local laws that require us to report any current, ongoing criminal activity that we become aware of, including sexual abuse, incest or rape, and the use, possession or distribution of child pornography, or any other criminal offenses currently in progress.

Non-Disclosure Agreement: You are agreeing to not give away, sell, post, or otherwise distribute the curriculum, tools and techniques you receive from Overcoming Walls.  This amounts to plagiarism of copyrighted material.  By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you’re agreeing to keep confidential our intellectual property.  

Confidentiality and Group Rules

To encourage a high level of trust, authenticity and openness in my 1 on 1 and/or group interactions, I covenant with my Coach/Mentor including my group’s other members to do the following:

I will make my attendance at each 1-on-1/group session a priority for as long as we continue to meet. 

I will commit to investing the time necessary each week to complete the requisite lessons and reading assignments before each session.

I will keep all information my Coach/Mentor including group members share as personal and confidential. I will not share any specific matters discussed with my Coach/Mentor including group members with any outside person, including mentioning the information as a prayer request, and I expect them to treat me with the same respect. I understand that breaking confidentiality could result in my being asked to leave the group.

I will support other group members in their desire to grow emotionally and spiritually.

I will be honest about my actions, thoughts, and emotions as I participate in the 1-on-1 and/or group process.

I will be patient with other group members as we allow God to work in each of our lives.

I will not give advice unless asked or pressure other group members into doing what I think best.

I will inform my Coach/Mentor of any physical or emotional problems that might arise through my participation in the 1-on-1 or group process.

When engaged in group discussions, I will seek to honor and observe the following group rules:

    a. This group is safe; we can be honest.

    b. This group is safe; we can be angry, sad, lonely, or frightened (even at God).

    c. This group is safe; we can have conflict.

    d. I will not dominate the conversation and will yield my time to others when asked.

    e. We will not put ourselves or others down.

    f.  We will make no self-righteous statements.

    g. We will not blame others; we will take responsibility for our own actions.

    h. We will strive to affirm ourselves and others.

    i.  We will practice strict confidentiality. 1)

    j.  We will only give feedback when asked.

    k. Within our time limitations, checking-in time will be divided among those who ask for time to share.

    l.  We will pray for God’s presence and guidance in all our discussions.

By completing this Overcoming Walls new user registration, you are hereby agreeing to the above Terms and Conditions and Confidentiality and Group Rules.

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