Rescued, Not Recovery

Psalm 23:1, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.”

I laid there, praying.

Praying that he wouldn’t act on the threat spoken just minutes earlier.

“God, I need your help”, I silently whispered under my breath.

For the last two years of the seven plus years living with my boyfriend things had been slowly deteriorating. As both of us were addicted to pornography I could never be pixelated enough to meet his male physique standards. This was the beginning of the end. My Heavenly Father had had enough of my infidelity. The idol of sex needed to be toppled, and only an Almighty God is qualified to do the task. Completely. Fin.

Psalm 23 is one of the most beloved Psalm in the Bible. Written by David, son of Jesse, father of Solomon, and the second King of Israel, the Psalm as a whole is about how a Believer lives in relationship to God. The first verse of the six-verse tome summarizes the beloved message. It acknowledges God as the One who protects and guides. It expresses confidence in the unseen as a viable leader, or shepherd.

David had the job of shepherd on his Indeed resume. His profession prior to becoming King was watching his father’s flock of sheep. His symbiotic relationship with the sheep created a trust to feel safe and secure. David, as their shepherd, provided everything his sheep needed to live. Food. Water. Protection. Walls. All the sheep had to do to acquire this kind of shepherd who provided for them was to follow. By following the shepherd all their needs would be met. This included daily provision they themselves were unable to gain alone. Going alone meant certain peril up to and possibly including death. Trusting the shepherd meant letting him lead, guide, and direct their entire life.

David used this analogy of being a shepherd to a trait of God as the Good Shepherd. He had up close and personal experience with the Good Shepherd. God was there when he defended his flock from the lion and the bear. God protected him when King Saul attempted to hunt and kill him. God supplied strength when David stood before the enemy of Israel and directed that smooth, small stone directly between the eyes of Goliath. David knew that God would never desert him. Never forsake him. Never leave him to his own devices.

Love was not what kept my boyfriend from acting on any threats he verbally threw at me. Love was my Heavenly Father hearing my prayer and pulling me out of myself and back to him. Knowing that I could never provide for myself alone, my Heavenly Father loved me enough to rescue me from my own sinful actions. Recovery alone could never deliver those outcomes. Trusting the Good Shepherd all the days of my life means I will never want. Never lack for anything. Turning my heart and mind towards him for dependence instead of my selfish ways. May I never leave the protection, guidance, direction, and even the walls placed around me of my Good Shepherd.

The Good Shepherd is my everything; I lack nothing.

Grace and peace, James

*Scripture reference from the ESV translation, Crossway Publishers, 2001

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