Overcoming Walls, LLC Indiana is officially open! Our Certified Professional Mentor James Jewell Jr. lives in Central Indiana and has been beneficial to OCW by Mentoring and taking the yoke of Marketing and Networking Director. As a good friend of OCW Founder and Owner David, James was in the talks to start a recovery facility. Little did anyone know that God in his wisdom would move people around and through the process impress on David to start OCW in April 2022.

James came on board in September 2023 after obtaining his Certified Professional Mentor certification. He finds it rewarding in helping individuals reach their full potential with positive therapy. Using the Christ-centered Genesis Process book is one way this is accomplished. James is open to using what the Lord tells him is the best tool for each unique situation. David soon asked James to take on the Marketing and Networking side of OCW, or he just volunteered. This has been truly beneficial to David and OCW in assisting the company to reach thousands of people via social media, the OCW website, blogging, and the new OCW Newsletter beginning July 2024.

James has earned a Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Theology, Certified in Childhood Trauma, Certified in Other Behavioral Health Professional, and is an Ordained Minister. Yet like the About page on the OCW website, he stills mows his own lawn.

Along with OCWLA (Overcoming Walls Louisiana) there is now OCWIN. Below is a link to the Yelp page of OCWIN. Check it out! Feel free to write a review!


Overcoming Walls

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