Learning to Walk

I don’t remember when I learned to walk as a child. My parents and grandparents always said it was after my first younger brother learned. I guess he felt he had to catch up as he was the number two child. Anyway, it is fact that I did eventually learn. Freedom! No more being carried, crawling on the ground, or scooting from place to place just to make it through this world. I was officially a biped!

My Christian life has been quite different. Mainly crawling, scooting and being carried instead of walking. I was carried the first couple of years. Hoping things would change but refusing to trust God to work. I crawled my way through Christian college instead of walking upright. Giving the appearance of uprightness but still holding onto my “pet” sin. Lastly scooting from church to church seeking a place to feel “comfortable” in while I held onto my sin. Odd how then I never seemed to understand that God was everywhere I was carried, crawled and scooted.

Matthew 14:29 tells of how Peter walked on the water to Jesus, “He said, ‘Come. So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus.” Many people tend to overlook the fact that Peter actually walked on the water and quickly condemn him for sinking, verse 30. I say, Peter walked on the water! And to whom? To Jesus. If we are ever going to walk in this Christian life it HAS to be to Jesus! There is no other way to make it in this world. Sin is everywhere with its baubles of temptation. The devil would love to just dangle something shiny in front of us just so we look away from Jesus. But we must keep our eyes on Jesus so we will be able to walk in his power.

Just as my parents had to hold onto me for several months just to keep me upright, God holds onto us. Not for a few months or years but for eternity. He is that involved in our lives. He wants us to walk but more importantly he wants us to do it through his power, strength, and love. He knows we can be easily distracted and so with him going before, he asks us to hold his hands and keep our eyes on him. that’s the only way to walk.

Grace and peace, James

*Scripture from ESV, Crossway Publishing, 2001

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