How To Tell If You’re Addicted


Common symptoms indicating that casual porn use has risen to the level of addiction:

  • Repeated porn use regardless of possible outcomes and/or pledges to stop
  • The amount of time spent on porn use continues to increase
  • Substantial intervals of time (hours or days) wasted looking for and viewing pornography
  • Hiding the extent of the porn use from others to the point of lying to cover it up
  • The amount of time spent in porn has a significant impact on … relationships, family, friends, work, school, church, spending time with God and even your health.  
  • Getting bored with the porn being viewed so there is the need to increase the intensity or type of sexual content watched to obtain a dopamine high
  • Anger or resentment if asked to stop
  • Loss of desire for sexual relationships with spouses or mates
  • A greater sense of loneliness or disconnect from others
  • In addition to porn, using drugs and/or alcohol
  • Turning people into objects and viewing them as body parts to use rather than as human beings
  • The internet porn addiction intensifies to the point of searching for anonymous sexual hookups and/or prostitutes

If you are facing a porn addiction, please reach out to us and we can discuss a path toward healing. There is hope!

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