Compassion Without Compromise

Welcome to Compassion Without Compromise! A conference for the Church specifically Pastors, Ministry Leaders, and lay people who are wanting to learn how to speak love in truth in an ever chaning world. The weekend of October 6-7, 2023, three of our Mentors, Joseph, Ellen, and myself attended the Compassion Without Compromise conference in West Lafayette, IN. This conference was given by Linda A. Seiler, PHD with ReStory Ministries on equipping Believers to respond to LGBTQ.

A very insightful conference that is much needed for today’s times. Her last conference that dealt with this topic was back in 2014. Since then many things have changed in America such as terminology, marriage, and simple pronouns. Linda spoke on how the Church should love the individuals that live with LGBTQ desires. She made the statement, “You win people with what you what you win them to.” We should always be prepared to give an answer, yet too many times the Church, whether in whole or individual, respond in unlearned behavior that is repulsive to Jesus Christ. We should love others, especially those not like us. That includes those who are LGBTQ. By showing the love of Christ we have conversations and dialog instead of mud slinging and hatred.

Linda had one session just on those living with Transgender. She spoke of ‘The Genderbread Person’ which I had never heard of, yet opened my eyes to why individuals use the identities they do. This was insightful as it has hit home for me. I still love my Transgender relative even though right now the lines of communication might be unused on a regular basis. One day they will need me to have that conversation. I want to be ready and prepared to love them to Jesus. Only he can heal the wounds found in our souls.

Grace and peace, James

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